Sources and Useful Books

Life in Nelsons Navy, by Dudley Pope
Standard text of the conventional view, life in the navy as brutal and hard.
England Expects, by Dudley Pope
Popes narrative on the Battle of Trafalgar, viewpoint and style as above, lots of period detail.
Every Man Will Do His Duty, edited by Dean King
An excellent book, eyewitness accounts of life at sea from the age of Nelson.
A Social History of the Navy, by Michael Lewis
A facts and figures book, very good tables and useful information.
The Wooden World, by N.A.M.Rodger
Life in the Georgian navy at the time of the Seven Years war. Useful to contrast with texts based on the navy in Napoleonic times.
1797. Nelsons Year of Destiny, by Colin White.
A good description of the year in which Nelsons life was changed by public recognition for his part in the Battle of Cape St.Vincent, and the loss of his arm in Tenerife.
Nelsons Navy, The Ships Men and Organisation 1793 - 1815,
by Brian Lavery.
An excellent book , a comprehensive guide to the navy in the age of sail, from ship building to guns, sailing to manning.
Sea Battles in Close Up: The Age of Nelson,
by David Lyon.
As the title describes, from fleet actions to single ship encounters. Very good detail and useful diagrams.
A Voice From The Main Deck,
By Samuel Leech
A first hand account of life at sea on board the Macedonian frigate.

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